If you are reading this then you might want to get your head read as you must be wired wrong to want a picture of my boat on a t-shirt but look I am happy to cater to all types! Get those security codes ready!

My book – I am far too modest to big myself up so I will leave it up to the mighty men at amazon…all gags apart go and look at the reviews…they’re amazing! I’m as shocked as you!

“A rip-roaring, life-enhancing, hilarious memoir from a football cult hero.”

“Jimmy Bullard may not have had the perfect hair-do, his Granada Ghia may not have been the flashiest of cars, and he definitely didn’t have a string of Page 3 girls trying to sell kiss and tell stories about him to the tabloids. But what he has in spades is a genuine love for The Beautiful Game that few of his peers can match.”

“One of the last graduates from football’s old school, Jimmy actually worked in the real world – including as a painter and decorator – before turning pro. Maybe that’s why he played football with a smile on his face, always says what’s on his mind, and is no stranger to a spot of mischief.”

“Having played under the likes of Barry Fry, Harry Redknapp, and Phil Brown, appeared alongside names as diverse as Neil Ruddock and Paolo di Canio, and as long as Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink, Jimmy has racked up an amazing collection of tales and pranks both on and off the football front-line. Told with candour, Bend It Like Bullard is the extraordinary story of his journey from cable TV fitter to cult hero. It will make you smile, chuckle and, occasionally, ROFL.”

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